Imagine walking in the park. What makes you appreciate your scenic view? Is it the strong wind that blows through your hair? Is it the green grass where you sit on? Perhaps, it is because of the sweet smell of the flowers around you.

Flowers come in different color, shapes, and sizes. Aside from being pretty, flowers smell so good. Some flowers even have different symbols. For example, roses symbolize love and sunflowers symbolize hope. Flowers can be used as decorations through creative flower arranging techniques. There are even shops that specialize in flower arranging bo hoa dep to be sold in different occasions. Flowers are used in weddings, Christmas, even funerals. Flowers can even be given to your loved ones to make them feel better or to congratulate them.

Flower arranging and flower growing can be done by anyone at any age. It has been considered an art for some. There are schools too that teach about flowers and flower arranging. Did you know that flowers can actually impact your mental and emotional health?


Growing flowers will increase your focus and attention to details. When you are taking care of flowers and plants, you always pay attention to their growth. Concentration is also key especially when you are growing flowers that need special care and attention.


Several studies showed that keeping ornamental plants in the house and in the office increases memory quality. The calming effect of nature enables the person to focus more and concentrate more on a certain task. A study from the University of Michigan said that memory retention is increased by 20 percent when the person stays in an area with decorative and ornamental fresh flowers.


According to a behavioral research study by Nancy Etcoff, the presence of fresh flowers at home motivates the persons in the house to be compassionate towards other people. The study from Harvard Medical School revealed that when you stay in an area with fresh flowers for a week, you will feel kinder to other people. This effect is also related to how flowers bring happiness to people. Thus, the happiness you get personally is carried over when you interact with other people. This is a situation which is called mood contagion by Nancy Etcoff.

Health And Happiness

As mentioned earlier, we often give flowers to our loved ones to cheer them up and make them feel better. Flowers have been found to reduce the stress and anxiety felt by people. Flowers help in creating an optimistic atmosphere at home resulting to a happier you. So flower arranging could be a tress reliever as well. Also, that is why it is recommended to place flowers in hospitals. A particular research proved that patients with rooms decorated with bright fresh flowers had lower blood pressure and pulse rates.